Are you looking for a dog walker?

With over 6,000 insured, vetted dog walkers on our site across the UK willing to help, we can help.

It takes 30 seconds for you to tell us what you require, and we will do the hard work to find the right person who is available to walk your pooch!

All bookings include (free of charge):

- Easy online payment

- £5m insurance cover including emergency vet care for your dog for peace of mind

- All our walkers are vetted and trustworthy

- 24/7 customer support from the tailster team

- Tracking of walks - now you'll know where your dog has been for his walk, at what time and that you got the service you paid for, straight your email seconds after the walk completes.

We are the premium dog walking service - at the same cost to you as any other dog walker around.

Track your dog's walks

With our new app that our dog walkers are asked to use, you'll know where your dogs been for their walk and that they went out for the length of time you asked for. 

No more worries as to whether your dog has actually been out for a walk - a fully detailed map is pinged to your email seconds after the walk has ended!

If you want your dog to be walked to a certain location, now you can do that ask your walkers via tailster!

The best dog walking service in the UK

All tailster bookingsinclude :-

Easy online payment by card - no more leaving cash on the console table

Insurance cover up to £5m including emergency vet care and public liability insurance - 

Do you know whether your dog walker is insured? The safety of our client's dogs is the most important thing and all bookings with us are covered by our industry leading insurance cover as standard.

Do you know whether your dog has actually been for a walk?

There are many dog walkers out there happy to take your hard earned cash, and take shortcuts. Walk your dog for half an hour rather than an hour, or bundle them into a van for most of the hour whilst they collect other clients dogs!

With our unique tracking service, you will receive an email seconds after your walk has finished, with a detailed map of where your dog went, the times they left the house and were returned safely and the distance they travelled. Now you can know you got your money's worth - and at no extra cost. 

You should expect only the best for your dog - so let us help you with that!

If you are ready to tell us your requirements, 

or if you have any further questions, feel free to call us on 0208 004 0860. We are always happy to chat and see how we can help.